How To: Wrap Around Side Braid

     This is an inside-out french braid.  Which means that you pull the hair from under the braid rather than over like a standard french braid.  Truth be told, it’s easier to do an inside-out french braid on myself than a standard french braid.  My brain is backwards that way.  

1) Start with a dramatic side part.

2) Take a collection of hair from where your part starts and begin the braid only adding in hair from the front side or the side of the braid closest to your face or neck. This makes it an open, or one-sided french braid.  

3) Keep braiding from underneath the braid, only taking hair from the front side of the braid.

*If you are doing the braid on yourself, things that help as you reach the back of your neck and have to switch your hand position are: 
               ~Always keep the braid on top of the loose hair you are braiding in. 
               ~If you mess up, it’s OK.  Unbraid the hair until you can find the 3 strands again.  Stay calm and keep going.  If it’s not perfect it is ok.  Sometimes the flaws in a braid make it better.

4) Once all the hair is braided in, continue with a standard braid the rest of the way down, or put it in a messy bun, or keep a smaller braid going with part of the hair left out and do a messy bun with a braid in it.  There are so many options!

Jen & Jess

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