DIY: Doily Mason Jar Vases

     For all of you lovely “Non-DIY” ladies out there, this is an extremely easy and cute DIY!  For my wedding I collected a lot of glass bottles (I mostly used Coconut Water Kefer glass bottles), cleaned them out and then used them as bud vases.  I learned that it was cheaper to use a lot of bud vases for florals (and pay $1 a flower), instead of multiple mini flower arrangements.  Next, I wanted to make the bottle cute, so just added doilies and twine.

     Below are the same steps I did using mason jars.  This is super easy, anyone can do it!  Also, if you want to use the mason jars again, try using Glue Dots instead of a glue gun.

Step 1:  Gather your materials.  You will need, your jars or bottles, a hot glue gun or glue dots, doilies, scissors, and twine or ribbon.
Step 2:  Put a dot of glue (you don’t need much) on the back of each doily, and place them on either side of the mason jar/bottle.
Step 3:  Tie the twine/ribbon around the bottle.
Make sure to check out our Dessert Table post to see some of the doily vases in use here!

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