How To: The Hunger Games, Katniss Braid

As part of our other series running in March,  we have the “Count Down to the Hunger Games”, and I for one am very excited.  Even if you are too cool to admit that you read teen fiction novels, you can still appreciate the fabulous hair-dos.

source, color correction by linenlaceandlove

This braid is an inside-out braid and it’s easier to do when your hair is a little wet, but you can do it with dry hair too.  Wet hair helps it grab better and the braid from the movie is very tight…but for those of us who use braided styles as our go to for bad, or dirty hairs days (myself included), it still looks great done loosely on dry hair.

1) Start on the left side of your head and drag your finger from your ear up to your forehead.  This will be the group of hair you start with.  
2) Start the braid about 2 inches above your ear, and braid pulling the new hair under the braid and in as you continue.  This makes the braid pop out, so that it appears to sit on the hair, instead of on the same plain as the hair, like in a normal french braid that pulls hair over the braid and in.
3-6) Continue the inside-out french braid in a diagonal to the nape of the neck on the right side.  As you pull hair from the top of your head into the braid, you can leave a few pieces out like bangs and then braid them in later to get the bang look.  Remember to keep the braid low towards the neck.  The first two times I tried this it ended up too high.
7-9) Once all the hair is in, continue a normal braid the rest of the length of hair.

Happy Hunting!

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