Bridal Shower Ideas: Part 1

     It’s “Where’s the Party Wednesday” and we are all about Bridal Showers.  There are so many different themes you could go with for a bridal shower, so we are splitting up our ideas into two weeks of Bridal Shower fun!  Here are a few themes that we are LLLoving!
Gelato Themed Bridal Shower:

     We saw this super cute idea on the Ruffled Blog, designed by Enjoy Events Co.  From the paint dipped spoons, to the ice cream cones in apothecary jars, the details are gorgeous!  See the full post, here!


Lingerie Shower:

     This is a really fun theme, especially with your closest girlfriends.  Both Jen and I had a lingerie brunch the last morning of our bachelorette weekends, and it was so much fun! But if  you’re the type of bride that isn’t into lingerie, we love the idea of having an old fashioned “Pajama Party” with your girlfriends!  We are talking sleeping bags, popcorn, chick flicks, the works! 😉
     For the decor we LLLove the idea of a french boudoir theme . . . 
photos via here
     Jen made me a “Future Mrs. Bailey” sash for my bachelorette, and I loved it, so I made her a “Future Mrs. Kahn” sash for her Lingerie shower (I made her something else for her Bachelorette … you’ll just have to wait and see).  Bra and underwear cookies are always a fun dessert.  You can even use a heart cookie cutter to make bra’s and panties, see here.  I also made little pink crowns for the placecard holders, and cupcake toppers.

     There are a few fun lingerie games you could play.  One is “How Well Do You Know Your Lingerie Companies?”  In this game you have to match the name of the Lingerie company (ex: Victoria’s Secret) with the picture of the lingerie.  Another game we like, especially for a sit down affair is “Who Has the Groom?”  For this game I googled a picture of a tuxedo and printed it out, then I flipped through magazines and cut out fun celebrity faces and glued them on the tuxedos.  For Jen’s future hubby, Brandon, I cut out a little heart that said “I love Jen.”  Then put all the “men” in envelopes and put them at each place setting.  Make sure to have a post-it note on the envelopes with the name of who’s inside (especially for the groom).  Whichever guest gets the groom, wins a prize!

     For the favor you can always wrap up some lingerie cookies, or Jen did a lavender teddy sachet, which was really cute!  You can find the one pictured below, here.  We loved the idea of having a perfume mixing bar for your guests, and giving them little perfume bottles to take their signature sent home with them.

photo via here

     For the gift, make sure to inform guests of the bride-to-be’s bra and panty sizes, and to bring a gift receipt (just incase gifts don’t fit well).  

     The first fun idea for the gift my lovely friend Christiana did for me, and it was quiet entertaining!  She wrapped a large hat box with a smaller box on top and advised me to not open the top box, but pull it instead.  When I lifted the top box up, I saw that she had cut a hole in the hat box (hidden by the top box) and an almost endless string of panties came through!  It was so much fun! (TIP: When recreating this make sure to use one long ribbon to tie the panties to each other.  Tie the first two together by their sides, and then leave some length, and then tie the next two.  This way all the pretty new panties don’t get stretched out when you pull on them.)

     For Jen’s shower I wanted to do something a little different, I called her gift the “Panty Pinata!”  I found a little kids (the ones were you pull strings from the bottom and it breaks open) cupcake pinata online, and filled it with confetti and panties.  Then I wrote a note and glued it to the front that read: “Pull the strings and see what you’ll find … maybe something sexy for your little behind!”  I wrapped it and made a little “Do Not Disturb” sign to tie on top.

     I saw these Paper Towel Roll Crowns on Pinterest, and wanted to try it, so I made them for the place cards for Jen’s Lingerie Shower.  They would also be great for a little girls Birthday party, or fairytale themed baby shower or kids party.  Also, I used a dry cleaning hanger to store the crowns (it worked great).


Garden Party: “Love in Bloom”
     This is a classic theme with a twist.  A lot of bridal showers, especially in sunny California, are in a relative and/or friends backyard.  What is more fitting than a theme of a “Garden Party.” 
     And here is a little tip to help your guest of honor~ have some cute pre-stamped envelopes on a table when the guests enter as a sort of “guestbook,” and advise all the guests to write their address on an envelope and put it in an apothecary jar or card box.  This way writing all those thank you notes will be a breeze for your bride to be, thanks to all those pre-addressed envelopes!  You can even make flower pens and put them in a little vase for the guests to use.  See our DIY flower pen post, here.
{The Stationary: Rifle Paper Co. Invitations and Place Cards}
     We LLLove the classic garden party foods of finger sandwiches, salad, and dessert.  But add these fun little touches including flower ice cubes (make sure to freeze boiling water so the ice cubes come out clear), flower toothpicks for fruit and other foods, flower garnishes in cocktails, flower cupcakes, and a pretty painted cake for a little extra something! 
photos via here, here, here, here, here, here
     As for the “game” we LLLove the idea of hiring a florist (or a very talented friend) to do a bouquet tutorial.  For the favor, everyone can keep their aprons and their flower arrangements in cute vases.
photos via here
     Below are some DIY decor ideas I found on super cute blogs!  Instead of a sash or a veil for the bride-to-be, make her a flower wreath!
     Here are a few more options for favors (other than the bouquet tutorial).  “Love in Bloom” matchbook seed packets (click here for the free download), potted plants from your centerpieces that can double as favors (click here for the free download), and/or chalk dipped spoons for guests to use in their gardens to mark plants or herbs.
photos via here, here, here, and here

     Hope this helped you plan your next shower for a loved one! Let us know if you have any questions, or want ideas for a specific theme! Stay tuned for my Bridal Shower ideas next week.

Jen & Jess

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