Couple’s Shower Ideas

     It’s “Where’s the Party Wednesday” and today we are brainstorming Couple’s Showers.  They are getting more and more popular, and if your Bride-to-be wants a co-ed party, here are some fun ideas for you…

Wine Tasting    

One of my (Jen) best friends threw Brandon and I a couple’s shower that was wine tasting themed, and it was so much fun!  (Thanks again Karen.) 

Here are some decor ideas…
Photos and inspiration via, here, herehere, here, and here.

1. Invitations via Paper Culture – $2.29each for 11-20, $1.99 each for 21-50
2. Wine Party Tasting kit – $19.95
3. Chalk wine glasses buy a set of inexpensive wine glasses at Costco, or Ikea, and dip the bottom of them in chalk paint, and use them for the party…Then give them as a gift to the happy couple.
4. Mini Wine Bottles as Favors – $2.99/bottle
Coffee and Donuts
     Maybe your happy couple aren’t drinkers, or they want to do a brunch.  I found this adorable idea on Elly B Events, and fell in love with it!  (Click the link for the full post from Elly B Events…it’s so worth it!)
     No buyers guide necessary, just get donuts (with some yummy dips), and coffee (with some fun add ins), and you have got yourself one fabulous, and delicious party!
1. Invitation via Tiny Prints – $1.99each
2. Put your favorite coffee in a small, brown paper bag (they have some cute ones at Michaels in lots of colors), and tie some twine around it with a note. source

Ice Cream Social
     I got this idea from Better Homes and Gardens, and couldn’t stand the cuteness!  Click here to see the full post. What a perfect and fun way to spend the afternoon with friends!  
1. Get the ice cream scoop pattern here.
2. Let your guests take the party home with them, with a recipe for ugandan vanilla bean ice cream, a wooden spoon, and a pint-size container with a pretty cozy.  You can find the super cute stamped wooden spoons from Etsy here.

BBQ Picnic
     Advise all your guests to bring a blanket and some sunglasses, and have a BBQ Picnic!  All you need is a backyard or park, a BBQ (or a cute food truck), some refreshments, and of course, lawn games! We also think this is a great idea for a summer rehearsal dinner!

                                                                      photos via here

photos via here and here

photos via here and here

     I am dying to have this cocktail at a summer party: fruit popsicles with champagne! 

1. We found these super cute invites at Eat Drink Chic
Click here for the free download.
2. Send your guests home with some cake to go! 
You can buy a set of 24 of these for $25, here.

We hope that helps you start your brainstorming for your next party. Let us know if you have any questions.

Jen and Jess


  • EmeffNY
    6 years ago

    Uh, I was just about to text Jen and ask if she had seen this shot. The desserts and preserves are by my maid of honor at Pickles and Pies!
    Ladies, your blog blows my mind.

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