Bitchin’ 80’s Bachelorette

     Something you may not know about Jen is that she loves the 80’s.  The music, the cheesy movies, the TV shows, they are her childhood.  So, when Jen wanted to mix in an 80’s theme for her bachelorette weekend, I gave the saturday night outing the title “Jen’s Bitchin’ 80’s Bachelorette.”  

     Instead of the traditional “bride” sash, I puffy-painted an acid-washed jeans jacket and made Jen a little button that said “Bride to be.” I had a stretch hummer limo take us around downtown San Diego, and I made an 80’s mix for the road.

The Invitation: 
     The invitation was for a weekend of bachelorette fun, ending with a Lingerie brunch on Sunday.  So, with that in mind, I made an invitation and a schedule of events for the weekend.  My parents were out of town, so we took over their house (this saved the girls a lot of money on hotel rooms, and I stocked the kitchen with lots of goodies).  

     Jen’s wedding colors were navy and cream, so I used that and added hot pink to make it pop and make it more girly.  I used the fabulous free downloads from The Wedding Chicks for the invitation, the schedule, and the tags.  And I punched out the “J” and “B” (for Jen and Brandon) from Jen’s Betsy White wedding logo.

      Along with a glue stick, paper, envelopes, and twine above are all the tools I used to make the invitation and schedule.  You can find all of these tools at Michaels.  Below are instructions on how I made the invitations.

Love Tag: 

1.  I stamped some card stock with a script stamp using navy ink.

2.  I printed out the love crown image from The Wedding Chicks free downloads, here.

3.  Using my tag punch, I made the love crown image into a tag.

4.  I glued the tag on the stamped card stock.

5.  Using my corner punch, I rounded all the edges.

6.  Using my 1/8″ punch, I punched a whole in the top of the tag.

7.  I grabbed my scissors and Divine Twine.

8.  I cut a long piece of twine and folded it in half, and put the folded end through the hole at the top of the tag.

9.  I put the two ends of loose string through the loop on the other side of the hole, and gave it a little tug to make it secure.

The Schedule:

Paper Supplies: I used white cardstock from Staples for the invitations, regular white paper for the schedule, and pink cards from Paper Source for the schedule cover.  The tags were printed and stamped onto cardstock, and the glassine envelopes I used for the tags were from Paper Source.

1.  First, I printed out all the invitations (using The Wedding Chicks download) and schedules (using word), cut them to size using my paper cuter, and rounded all the edges with my corner punch.

2.  Using the heart confetti punch, I made heart confetti out of old poetry paper and music sheets.

3.  I filled all the glassine envelopes with heart confetti and a “love” tag, and got out my 1/8″ hole punch and my navy and cream Divine Twine.

4.  Using the tag as my frame work, I punched four holes around it, one on each side and one on the top and bottom.

5.  Then I tied the tag onto the schedule card like a present, using the navy and cream Divine Twine.

6. Lastly, using a glue stick, I glued on the cover page and the schedule inside, and tied more Divine Twine on the fold of the card.  See the complete version below.

     I advised the guests to write a message, or advice for the bride to be on the tag provided and bring it to the Lingerie Shower.
     Lastly, I filled navy envelopes from Paper Source with the invitation and schedule, addressed the envelopes using a white gel pen, and sealed the envelopes with a sticker I made.  Using a roll of drawer liner I found in the $1 racks at Michaels and my scalloped circle punch, I made my own stickers. 
The Favor:
     I made “Bachelorette Survival Kits” for the favor.  Each came with a little “first aid kit” filled with advil, lifesavers, a shout out wipe, and band aids.  Each kit also included a pair of neon sunglasses, lip gloss, nail polish, a nail file, a pink and white sucker, a ring pop, and a water bottle.
The Decor:

     Jen was born in 1981, so I made a sign using chalk ink and hot pink post-its for the “Welcome to 1981” sign.  I cut up hot pink post-its to get an 80’s font affect (I didn’t have hot pink chalk, so I improvised).  

     When the guests arrived, each of them took a Polaroid picture with the bride to be, all decked out in 80’s gear, in front of a make shift photo wall.  I had pre made photo album pages with a place to write a note to Jen, and a place to stick the picture to the page, using photo corners.  My wonderful friend Lindsey did a similar photo album for our friends baby shower and I loved the idea, so I did the same for Jen.  Then she gets to keep a little token of memories and sweet notes from her friends after the weekend is over! 

     I made some snacks for everyone when they arrived, so they would be fueled for the night ahead, including chicken skewers, fruit, veggies, graham cracker and chocolate covered marshmellows, and lots of other treats.

     The “LOVE” cardboard letters were from Paper Source.  I sprayed each letter with spray adhesive and covered them with silver glitter.  And you can find out how I made the mason jar flower arrangements, here.

     I ended up making little stations around the house for girls to go.  First was the photo booth and guestbook station, then I had drinks and some extra 80’s outfits and accessories, then the main food and drink station, and lastly the game and prizes station.  At the last station I gave every girl a to-go cup to fill with their drink of choice for the drive to downtown, drink tickets, a scavenger hunt list, and a bachelorette bingo card.  I found cute reusable bags with funny quotes on them at Michaels in the dollar section and used them to fill the prizes for all the activities.

     Jen and Brandon had an inside joke about the Justin Bieber song “One Less Lonely Girl,” and it applied so well to a wedding that, just for fun, I bought a Justin Bieber pinata and filled it with candy and plastic jewelry.  I wrote “Bieber Fever” on a plastic bat and we played a little game before we left of “Beat the Bieber” (sorry Justin Bieber).

     Then all the girls loaded into the car and we had a fabulous night out on the town.  We went to a few places, and I called a head to make sure they could accommodate a large group dressed in 80’s gear, and everyone was super nice!  Some places even had 80’s music blasting when we walked through the doors!  I love 80’s themes, after all “Love is a Battlefield.” … sorry, I had to. 😉



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