DIY Fabric Flowers


     Happy “How To’s Day!”  For our last week of our series of “May Flowers,” I thought I would share a tutorial on how to make fabric flowers, you can find the original tutorial I found on 100 Layer Cakehere

– 100% cotton fabric
– Tulle (I already had tulle ribbon, so I used that)
– Hot glue gun & glue sticks
– Sewing Needle 
– Thread (I used a darker color for the tutorial, so you could see the stitching, but I also bought thread that matched my fabric witch is more ideal).
– Scissors

1. First I cut out some petals from the fabric and the tulle.

*Not shown: next I cut a little circle of fabric for my base, and threaded my needle, using a two thick layer of thread.

2. Layer one fabric petal, with a tulle petal layer behind it, and fold the ends twisting them inward a little, so the top of the petal is almost standing up. Try lining up your petals a little off, mother nature isn’t always perfect, and we want your flowers to look somewhat real. 😉

3. Next, start sewing on the petals to your circle base, making sure to overlap each petal a little.

4. Once you completed your circle (I used 4 petals) you are done with the inside row of your flower.)

5. Next, sew more petals onto the outside of your flower. Make sure to sew the newest petals on the backside of the flower where the previous rows petals overlap.

*At this time plug in your hot glue gun.

6. Once you have completed the outer row of petals (I used 5 petals) you are almost done.

7. Using your fabric, cut out two circles (these are going to be used to cover the stitching on the inside and back of your flower.)

8. Using your hot glue gun, glue one of the circles in the center of your flower.

9. Next, glue the second circle on the backside of your flower.

10. Cut two more petals out of your fabric and your tulle.

11. Fold each petal in half, and then in half again (you’ll end up with a quarter of a circle). And stitch them together, making sure to incorporate each piece of fabric.

12. Glue the center in, and you are done!

Happy Crafting!



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    6 years ago

    Sweet! And only $871 plus whatever that bag costs!

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