May Flower’s with Auntie Mae: Part 2

     Welcome to “How To’s Day!”  Today we are finishing our series of “May Flowers with Auntie Mae.”  To see Part 1 of this series click here.  The two flower arrangements we are going to share with you today, are a romantic flower arrangement for two, and an example of using anything for a vase with a soap dish arrangement.
Romantic Dinner For Two Arrangement:
1.) Soak Oasis for at least 30 min.  
2.) Cut Oasis to fit in your vase.
3.) Start placing flowers and as you go, rotate your arrangement to make sure it stays even and balanced.  And remember the rule of 3’s or 5’s.  Try and make your arrangement using 3 or 5 of the same flower (it makes it a more artistic and interesting look, rather then even numbers of the same flower).
4.) Add some fun levels and texture with Lilacs and Viburnum.

“I love having little things sticking up out of my arrangements.”                                                    — Auntie Mae — 
 *Using Lilacs and Viburnum: These flowers and greens have more of a wooden stock instead of a green stem.  To help them absorb more water, so that they live longer, use a hammer and hit the bottom of the stem to open it up.  Never used a hammer to make a flower arrangement before? Don’t worry, it was a first for us too, but it works great.

*If you love hydrangeas like we do, then you will love this tip…If your hydrangeas start to wilt, take them out and hold them upside down in water.  Then place them outside in cool air/shade over night and they’ll poof back up.

Mini Arrangement in a Soap Dish:

This is a quick and easy arrangement that will spruce up any room!

1.) Cut your Oasis to the right size, and place it in the soap dish.  
2.) Then cut (you should always make a fresh cut at an angle with your flowers before using them in an arrangement) and add flowers as you wish.  Remember that the Oasis lets you play with height, so you can make the middle row of flowers taller then the outer rows.  This will add volume to your arrangement.
We hope these tips will add some color to your home, and beauty to your day.

Jen, Jess, and Auntie Mae

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