DIY: Shell Boutonniere

     Our family just went to a wonderful fundraiser for the beautiful Balboa Park, and the theme was a “Beach Ball.”  We had so much fun incorporating the theme into our outfits that we had to share.

What you will need:
1) Shells ~ The shells I used were from Michaels and they were $1.50 for the bag.
2) Sticks or skewers ~ I just pulled some Kabob skewers from the kitchen…use what you have.  (If you used smaller shells you could also use toothpicks.)
3) Twine ~ also from Michaels
5) Hot Glue Gun
How To:

Step One: Hot glue a skewer to the inside of the shell.  Be careful to hold the shell on either side, and not in the middle, because the middle of the shell gets very hot.  

Step Two: Once the shells are dry, place the first three and hot glue the sticks together.  You will have to hold them until the glue is set.

Step Three: Add in the last shell to the front and glue that stick into place.

Step Four: Starting at the bottom of the boutonniere, place some hot glue on the back side and start to wrap the twine tightly around the sticks.  Once you get to the top put a drop of glue on all the back sticks and secure the twine and cut off the end.  

Step Five: Pick a cute beach themed charm, or button, or anything you would like, and glue it on the front.

Step Six: Pin like a normal Boutonniere and enjoy a wonderful night.

This would also be an adorable, and affordable idea for a beach themed wedding!

Jen & Jess

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