Lingerie Shower Gift Wrapping

     A while back, we did a post on Bridal Shower ideas (you can see it here).  Well, for the Lingerie Shower idea, we gave you gift ideas, but we had some readers ask us how to make it.  So we put together a little tutorial.

     I wrapped the gift in cellophane, so I could make sure the boxes stayed together, and glued one of my fabric flowers on the bow.  To see the tutorial on how to make fabric flowers, click here.

1. You will need: underwear (between 10-20 pairs), ribbon, 2 boxes (one small, one larger), and scissors.

2. Cut a hole in the center of the larger box, that can be hidden by the smaller box.

3. Take two pairs of undies, and slide your ribbon through one end of each.

4. Tie the ribbon in a bow to connect the two pairs of undies, and repeat for as many underwear that you want.

5. When you are finished tying your underwear together, place it in the larger box in a circle (from the last pair of underwear to the first pair), so that it will unravel easier.
6. Take the first pair of underwear on top and tie a bow using your ribbon leaving an extra long piece of ribbon at the end.
7. Put the extra long piece of ribbon that is tied to your first pair of undies through the hole in the larger box, and tie it to the ribbon on the smaller box, so that they are connected.
8. Lastly, place the smaller box on top.  You should never know just by looking at it, that there is a hole in the larger box.
     When your friend is opening your gift, instruct her to pull the top box first, as she does, panties will keep coming and coming . . . it’s a very entertaining gift to open!
     Hope that helped, and let us know if you have any questions!
Jen & Jess

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  • 6 years ago

    Looking forward to season 2! 🙂

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