DIY: Stud iPhone Cases

     Happy “How To’s” day!  Do you ever have those moments when you’re walking through a cute boutique and see something and think to yourself “I can make that!”  Well, I had that the other day when I saw a studded iPhone case.  So, here is how I made some.  Enjoy!

– Hot glue gun
– iPhone cases, you can find the one’s I bought here and here
– Antiqued bronze studs, you can find the one’s I bought here

     First, I placed the studs on the iPhone cases and played around to make a few design options, and then I named them because it seemed fun … the “studs & stripes” and “going for the gold” design are in honor of the Olympics. 😉
     I decided to go with the “studs & stripes” and the “flying ‘V'” designs.  A few tips I found to make the glueing process easier are: put the case on your phone so you have something hard behind your glueing surface, and I found it was easier to line up the studs if I worked from the outside in.

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