DIY: Embossing Gift Bags

     If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter then you may already know about the Gala we are helping put on for Two Wings.  Today is gift bag day, and we thought we would share a cheap and easy way to make beautiful Gift Bags, Party Favor Bags, or Welcome Bags.  

What you will Need:

1) Gift Bags ~ We used Kraft Paper bags, because they are a nice neutral, and look clean.  You can find them at Michaels for $5.99 for 13, or if you want to order them, they are at Oriental Trading Company for $6.25 per dozen.

2) Stamp ~ You can use any stamp you want that fits your theme, or order a custom stamp.  We ordered custom stamps of the Organization’s logo from

3) Pigment Ink ~ Pigment ink comes in many different colors, so you can use an ink color and a clear, or sparkle powder, or use a clear ink and a colored powder, but make sure it’s pigment ink because regular ink will dry too fast, and the powder will not stick.  You can find pigment ink at Michaels and Paper Source.

4) Embossing Powder ~ Like the ink, embossing powder comes in all sorts of fun colors, so find the one that works for you, but make sure it’s embossing powder and not just glitter or it won’t melt.  You can find embossing powder at Michaels and Paper Source.

5) Embosser ~ The embosser’s the fun part, you can find them at Michaels and Paper Source.

How To:

Step 1: Lay out a drop cloth or newspaper on a work space.  The heat from the embosser will not only melt the powder on the bag, but it will melt the loose powder around it, so cover the  space well.  Also, put out a piece of plain white paper to catch the excess powder.
Step 2: Stamp your stamp on the pigment ink pad, making sure to cover the whole stamp very well.
Step 3: Stamp your bag (or whatever you’re embossing).
Step 4: Cover your pigment ink with embossing powder.  Make sure to cover the whole image.  Don’t worry about using too much powder, it is easy to dump the excess powder back in the jar when you are done.
Step 5: Dump off the extra powder on the piece of paper you put out.  Really shake it well, and I even flick the back of it.  
Step 6: Make sure all the extra powder is off.  Wipe around the image, and even use a Q-tip to wipe off powder that is harder to get to.
Step 7: Turn on your embosser and hold it about an inch away from the stamp.  Keep it in place until you see the powder starting to melt, and then move it slowly around the image until the whole thing is melted.
Step 8: Let it sit for a little while so it can dry, and then you’re done!

We have also used embossing to make coasters, gift cards, you name it! It’s the best tool ever!  It saves on cost and always looks great.

Jen & Jess

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