DIY Halloween Party Poppers

     I wanted to make a cute halloween gift for some friends, so I decided to make “Party Poppers!”  These are also great to put at place settings for a dinner party or any event!  These ones do not actually “pop” when they’re opened, but they are still a lot of fun to tear apart, cost practically nothing, and are really easy to make! Surprise your friends with a candy treat!
What you will need . . .

– Kraft stuffing (I used kraft and white)
– Candy (and/or little toys like bouncy balls or spider rings)
– 3 “Trick or Treat” labels (I printed these up on my computer)
– Scissors
– Double-sided tape
– Black and White striped bakers twine
– 3 cardboard toilet paper rolls
– 1 piece of orange tissue paper
1. Cut out a piece of tissue paper, and place a piece of double-sided tape on the bottom of the tissue paper (as indicated in the picture).
2. Place another piece of double-sided tape on the top of the tissue paper (as indicated in the picture). Next, place the toilet paper roll on the bottom piece of double-sided tape.
3. Roll the toilet paper roll upwards until the roll is completely covered in tissue paper and the tape is secure.
4. Using the bakers twine, tie one side of the popper with a bow.
5. Fill the popper with kraft stuffing and candy.
6. Tie the other end of the popper with bakers twine.
7. Take your “Trick or Treat” label and stick two pieces of double-sided tape on the back (as indicated in the picture).
8. Secure your label, and your popper is ready for the party!

Happy Halloween Eve!


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