DIY: New Years Time Capsule Ornament

     Welcome to our first post of 2013! It’s “How To’s Day,” and we are making time capsule ornaments.  If you haven’t packed up all of your Christmas decorations yet, take a moment to start this new tradition, and add one more ornament to the box before you pack it away for next year. 

What you will need:

~Strips of paper~Make sure not to cut them too wide, so that when they are scrolled, they fit in the ornament.
~Glass ball ornament~4 for $5.99 at Michaels Craft Store.
~Paint Pens~a sharpie also works well, but if you want to write the year directly on the glass, then use a paint pen. Also from Michaels.
~Tag~by “Recollections” that you can find at Michaels.
~Some Embellishments~I used floral sprays by “Modern Romance”that you can find in the floral section of Michaels, but I also thought about using glitter, or confetti.
Step 1:
Step 2: 
**Once you write your New Year resolutions/dreams/goals on the scroll, roll it up as tight as you can and tape it closed.  It is very important to make sure it is secure because if the scroll opens inside of the ornament you won’t be able to get it out next year.
Step 3: 
1) I took the same paper the scrolls were written on and wrote the new year on it.
2/3) Then I glued it to the tag.
4) I replaced the string from the tag with pretty blush and lace ribbon, just for some added flare. 
5/6) I also cut a few pearls off a strand from the spray and added a little cluster of them to the bottom of the tag.  (It’s the little things.)
Step 4: 
     We hope this can become a new family tradition for you.  Each member of the family can have a scroll, and you can open them when you decorate for Christmas the next year.  After enough years have past, maybe you can have a tree that just full of wishes, dreams, hopes, goals, and resolutions.  I think that sounds kind of magical personally.  
Jen & Jess


  • 6 years ago

    Yum! My sister loves to make toffee during the holidays, so I'll pass this recipe along to her… I'm always amazed at how toffee is just butter and sugar. So amazing, but so good!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • 6 years ago

    This wonderful article let me know more things. I think i shoulder try it.

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