LLLove Turns One!!

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     One year ago today we stepped out on a limb and pressed “Publish” to start the new adventure of blogging together.  We had no idea what a blessing that decision would be to us.  We can’t begin to say THANK YOU to everyone who has supported our blog, and joined us out on our limb to encourage us, and grow with us.  We are so humbled, honored, blessed, and lucky to have so many new readers, followers, likers, and friends from this journey, and we are very happy to say that this is just the beginning.

     With all the excitement this new year is bringing, we hope to share a little more with you, and give you little behind the scenes peeks on our Instagram page.  With that in mind, we will be shifting the schedule a little, and posting quotes and “Words to Live By” on Instagram; hopefully to bring a smile to your face throughout your day.  

     We thank you again, for taking time out of your busy schedules to stop by our little blog.  We hope you had fun, left a little more inspired, and are encouraged to join us as we continue our adventures together in crafts, parties, and all things beautiful!

With Gratitude and LLLove,
Jen & Jess

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