Super Bowl Party Inspiration

     Next Sunday is the biggest day in sports, so what better excuse do you need to have friends over to celebrate?  Here are some ideas for how to throw a Super Bowl party that’s fun for the whole family!

     What you need to know:

Who’s playing~

Logos via here
The San Francisco 49ers vs. The Baltimore Ravens

Fun Fact~
     For the first time in Super Bowl History…the coaches of the opposing teams are brothers!  Jim and John Harbaugh.  Jim Harbaugh is the younger brother, and coach of the 49ers.  Older brother John is the coach of the Ravens. 

How to put it all together:
Check out these adorable (yet manly) spreads on:

     From Rust & Sunshine, what a brilliant idea! Just get some painters tape and tape out goal posts on the wall, add some cut out footballs and a blindfold, and you’ve got yourself a game!  Also, bingo is always a good option…and may I mention the adorable field printout wrapped around the ramekins! LLLove!

     So, have a ball! We hope these ideas can inspire your party planning for next weekend.  Even if you’re not a football fan, you can at least have fun decorating. 

     Want some more football party ideas?  Check out our blog post, Count Down to Football Season.

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