DIY: Pom-Pom Necklace out of Old Jeans

     Whenever I have something that is so worn out I can’t even give it away, I save it, and hit up Pinterest for ideas on what I can make out of it!  This time it was my old, favorite, pair of jeans that were on the chopping block, and this is one of the ways I gave them new life.

1. I used felt sheets from Michaels, they were 29 cents each.  But anything soft, with a little structure to it, would work.
2. Scissors ~ Fabric scissors are nice, if you have them.
3. Glue Gun and about 4-5 glue sticks.
4. Necklace Chain ~ I got mine from Michaels.
Make 5, 1-1.5 inch circles out of the felt.  (If you want smaller pom-poms make the circles 1 in.  For this tutorial I used 1.5.)
I found a lid that was the perfect size, so I used that as my template.  
Use that same template to make circles on your jeans.  I used the inside of the denim because it was lighter, and easier to see the circles.  You will need about 7-9 circles per pom.
Arrange the poms how you would like them for your necklace (*remember that the chain will pull up, so don’t go out too wide, unless you reinforce the back of the necklace with a popsicle stick or something, so that it can’t bend.) Then hot glue the middle 3 down, and leave the outside 2 off.
I took the middle link out of the chain, so that it was open, and then hot glued it onto the backs of the outside poms. 
Glue down the remaining 2 poms where you would like them.

Then cut the necklace out, as close as you can to the poms.
Wear and enjoy! 
Stay tuned for more DIY’s for your old jeans.

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