DIY: Inspired By Kate Spade Keds

     Keds is rebranding, and doing an adorable job of it! Many of you may have seen their colaboration with Kate Spade at Nordstroms or online.  I spotted them at Nordstroms myself, and thought those famous last words, “I can do that.” And so, I did! 

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     Luckily I work at a theatre so I asked my friends in the prop department where to find a plastic I could dip shoes in.  They recomented “Plasti-Dip” which is what you use to dip the handle of your tools.  (Thanks Dave and Kristi!)

1. Create your Color “Plasti Dip” I found at Lowes for $21.99.
It comes with 5 colors and you can mix the color you want.  (I was not the best color mixer, and if I did it again, I’d opt to use one of the primary colors as apposed to trying to mix my own.)
2.  I found some “keds” at Payless shoes store for $14.99.
The dip comes clear, and you mix in your color.  I wanted to make a green, so I used blue and yellow, and then added white to bring it to more of a mint color.  (I didn’t want to use all of the dip, so I put it in a cleaned out food container that would fit the width of the shoe, but wasn’t very deep.)
Follow the instructions on the box.  Dip your shoe in slowly (5 second per inch), until the toe of the shoe hits the bottom of the container.  Then pull it back out just as slowly.  Only dip once and then let them dry for 30 minutes. 
I did two dips total on my shoes.  The more dips, the thicker your plastic layer will be, so it’s all up to you. 
You can also dip the ends of your shoe laces for added flare. 
{You can also paint the plastic on if you wanted to make a pattern…OR if you cover the whole shoe they become water proof, so that could be fun.}
Happy Crafting!

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