Life Saver #7: Summer Party Tips

1) Try foods on a stick.  It’s good for sandy beach days because it’s finger food for dirty hands…but remember that running with sticks is dangerous, and you might want to keep this party idea for the big kids only.

2) Make sure there are shady places.  As much as we all love the sun, your guests will need a break from the heat, and a cool place to rest.

3) Put it on ice. Make sure you have lots of cold beverages on hand.  (More than you think you’ll need.) Stock up on ice and water, as well as cocktails and sodas. Click here for 13 summer cocktail recipes.

4) Stay under cover.  The trouble with outside parties, is that it’s very hard to control the guest list…meaning those creepy crawly guests that get into your food when you’re not looking.  Use some cute glass domes, and cake tray covers to keep your food safe, and looking good.

5) Keep it casual.  No one wants to dress up in the summer heat.  The more comfortable your guests are, the more comfortable you will be.

6) Keep the menu light.  Grill up whatever you wish, but lighten up the side dishes with, salads and fruits.  Heavy food and summer heat don’t always mix well.

7) Keep your options open.  With the growing number of allergies and dietary restrictions out there, try to have something for everyone…Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Vegan, and add a light meat option to the grill menu. 

8) Make it feel like home.  There’s nothing more inviting than your living room sofa…so bring it outside for the party! If it’s going to be a beautiful day, why not try moving some of your indoor furniture outside for extra seating, and a fun inside-out feel.

9) Protect and serve.  Make sure to have sunscreen, bug spray, extra towels, and anything else your guests might need on hand just in case they forget theirs.  

10) Ice cream is very social.  Have a cool dessert! Ice cream, or snow cones, or root-beer floats. yum!

Above all, have fun!

Jen & Jess

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