DIY: Burlap Wreath

18 inch Wire Wreath Frame from Michaels
Floral Wire from Michaels
2 rolls of 10 yd. Burlap Ribbon
Hot Glue Gun
 Weave the floral wire through the burlap and attach it to the frame.
 Weave the burlap ribbon up from underneath the frame making loops in each section as you go.  There is no right way to do this.  Just start and pull pieces up…use the whole ribbon width or just the top half to add variety.  
 When you reach the end of the burlap, weave the floral wire through the end and tie it to the wreath.  Then start the next roll the same way you started the first one, as close to where the first one ended as possible.  
Once you finish your wreath, you get to decorate it!! I chose a more neutral fall look.
 I started with the spray as the base.  I broke it up into sections and wired it to the frame as I worked my way around.
 Then I spaced out the spike flowers with the fake flowers and wired the spike flowers onto the frame.
Lastly I hot glued the flowers on…the only warning about hot glue is that if you want your wreath to live outside, hot glue will melt, so stick with wire as much as you can. 

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