DIY: “I’m Grateful For” Garland

     I know the stores are already covered in Holiday Cheer, but I have always loved (and not wanted to pass over) Thanksgiving.  Maybe it’s the feel of fall starting to change the color of the leaves, and turn our ears and noses red when we step outside; maybe it’s the whisper and anticipation of the Holidays upon us; maybe it’s the promise that there will soon be a beautiful table surounded by our families…maybe it’s just that my Birthday is often on it…but Thanksgiving, the idea, the meaning, the holiday, has always been special to me.  

     This year, this November, I started a new tradition.  I bought “I am grateful for” cards from Paper Source, and mini clothespins, and started a garland full of nothing but gratitude…and everyone who comes to the house in the month of November has to add to it.  

 “I am grateful for” cards {Paper Source}
Mini Clothespins {Paper Source}
Bakers Twine
(If you want to see our tutorial for the “Burlap Wreath” click here.)
 Everyone who comes over has to take a moment to be grateful, and sign a card.  
It’s kind of like a guest book of praise and blessings for this month where we are to give thanks. 

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  • 5 years ago

    very cool! i had no idea you made up posts like that, Jess! and always love "behind the blog" posts, they are my fave; thanks for sharing!

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