Dec(oupage) The Halls!

     Christmas, to me, means many things; time with family and friends, making English Toffee with my Mom and Aunt, decorating the house, watching Elf and A Muppet Christmas Carol, the smell of pine trees and apple cider, and…Christmas music!  December 1st means the albums are officially aloud to play on repeat and fill my house, car, and anywhere I happened to be playing music with the songs of Christmas.  
     I decided I should take my love of Christmas music into my decorating this year, and so I got out my PVA, some glitter, and sheet music to make it so.

What you will need:

 1) Craft Letters ~ Paper Source
2) PVA Glue ~ Paper Source
3) 2 containers of Silver “Crushed Glass Glitter” I ended up using just over 1 container (also in gold and red) ~ Paper Source
 4) Sheet music (or any paper of your choosing) I used Lokta Musical Note Fine Paper from Paper Source 
5) Bone Folding Tool ~ Paper Source
6) Paint Brush or Sponge
7) Scissors
8) Pencil
 Place your letter where you would like it to be on your paper.  Then flip it around and trace it on the back.  This way you won’t have pencil makers on the nice side of your paper…but don’t forget to flip your letter!
When you are done, cut them out.
 Next, take your PVA glue and paint the top side of your letter in smooth, even strokes.  Make sure to work fast or your glue will dry before you get to the paper.
Take your cut out letter and place is onto the glue.  Then use your bone folder to smooth it out, and fold over the edges all the way around. (If you need to add glue to get all of the edges to lay down go ahead.  The glue will dry clear, and we are about to cover that side anyway.)
*Let your letters dry for about 30 minutes before the next step.
 Cover the sides of your letter in PVA, and then crushed glass glitter.  *Make sure to do this over a clean piece of paper so that you can save the glitter and reuse it.  Also, be careful on the edges, so that glue doesn’t drip on the sheet music side.  I did this in sections, so that the glue didn’t dry before I got all the way around.
So easy, so fun, so festive! 

So go make some JOY this Christmas!


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  • 5 years ago

    I am totally doing this!!!!! Great ideas. Thank you!

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