New Year’s DIY: Decoupage and Bow Tied Champagne Flutes

Do you know what’s more fun than Champagne for New Year’s?…Drinking Champagne out of dressed up Champagne flutes of course!! 
 1) Champagne Flutes
2) Double Sided, Black satin ribbon
3) Fun paper – We used Paper Source fine paper
4) Modpage
5) Scissors
6) Glue gun
7) Pencil
 Trace the bottom of your flute on the paper.  *I usually trace on the back of the paper, but I wanted to line the dots up a certain way, but it worked out ok because you can’t see the pencil marks.
 Paint Modpage on the bottom of the Champagne flute in a thin, even layer.
 Carefully center, and place your paper on the base.  Then smooth it out with your fingers and wrap the edges over the lip so that no paper is hanging over the edge.
Then let them dry for an hour and paint over the paper to create a glaze seal which will make them hand washable. (not pictured)

Double Bow:
Leave enough ribbon for your tail and then wrap it around your pointer finger and middle finger.
Next weave it back up through your two fingers.
Then weave it back down.  You should have two loops on the top finger and two loops on the bottom finger.
Take the end you have been weaving with and thread it through the back of your bow, between the ribbon and where your fingers meet.
Next we tie the knot: 
1) Pull the ribbon where you just threaded it up between your two fingers creating the middle of your bow. *Make sure the ribbon is flat and not twisted.
2) When you get to the back, weave the ribbon up through the loop you made. *Make sure you weave it around all of the loop you just made for the middle of the bow.  
3) Pull tight.
4/5) Slide the bow up off of your fingers.
6) and ta-dah!! For a video tutorial watch our “How to tie a perfect bow” with Evite
Then you can use a sticky dot to keep the bow tie in place (if you want to make it removable for washing). I used hot glue to make sure they’d stay put and I’ll pick it off later ;).
Now your glasses are all dressed up to ring in the New Year!!


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