Our Grown Up Christmas List

     We don’t know who’s on your Christmas list, but here are some fun gift ideas we found, that we thought we would share.  

Book by the amazing fashion DIYer P.S. I Made This.
 Make any DieCut you’ve ever wanted, draw, do calligraphy, this machine does it all.
DieCut, Emboss Stationery, and even add a package to do letter press.
Tons of DIYs for your home that look amazing.  I want to try them all.
Folding, building, and creating anything out of books.
Paper flower making at it’s very best.
No outlet? No Problem.
Track your runs, distance, pace, and get training.
Advanced sensors capture your swing data in real time and send it to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Then it breaks down your swing arc, angel, consistency, and more.
The size of a lipstick and an entire addition battery life for your phone. (Great for traveling.) 
Because it’s active and attractive.
Track your active life with your iPhone or iPod.
Because hammocks should be used whenever possible.
The best bluetooth speaker out there.  Throw it in your beach bag, golf bag, backpack and get ready for the party to be where ever you are.
I have it and I love it! Wear it with a formal dress, or jeans and a t-shirt.
Simple and beautiful.
A gift that gives back to the homeless. 
It just makes me smile.
Really, can you go wrong with Kate Spade?
I need this in my office immediately.  
Because yum!

Any dessert lovers out there?  Sprinkles make everything just a little bit more fun.

Because canning is cool.

Because it makes you laugh and gives you great ideas for dinner.
We hope this helped!  Happy shopping!
Jen & Jess

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