Since we did the Grammy’s on Monday we moved our DIY to today! Here’s another fun Valentine’s DIY that will fill your home with hugs and kisses.
 1) 2 X’s and 2 O’s ~ I got mine at Michaels
2) Red and White Yarn ~ Michaels
3) Burlap Ribbon ~ Michaels
4) Hot Glue Gun
5) Scissors
6) Ruler or yard stick
 The best way to wrap the X is to start in the middle and work out.  Hot glue the start of the red yarn on the back of your X,  then wrap tightly down to where the legs of the X split.  *Wrap two extra rounds past the split to cover the wood, and keep wrapping down one leg. 
When you get to the bottom run hot glue across the bottom and keep wrapping until you’ve covered the whole thing.
Wrap the other leg, starting from the top down, and then repeat the whole thing for the other half.
 The O is much simpler.  Just start the white yarn on the back bottom center of the O and wrap the yarn around until you’ve covered the whole thing.  Then fasten the end to the back with hot glue.
Lastly, space your XOXO out on your burlap about an inch between each letter, and glue!  
I folded the top of the burlap over, glued it, and put a stick in to hang it from.  
Tada‚Ķcan you feel the love!! and the cuteness!! 

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