DIY: Watercolor St. Patrick’s Day Cards

As we look forward into March, it’s time to get ready for St. Patrick’s Day! 
Here is a sweet and simple St. Patrick’s Day card to share your luck with your friends!…
What you will need:
 1) Watercolor Paint set
2) Paint Brush
3) Plain cards with a heavy card stock (So that the watercolor will work).  I used Paper Source Luxe White A2 Fold Over Cards.
4) Shamrock Stickers – Michaels
5) Ruler
 Use a ruler to evenly space out your shamrocks.
 Dip your paint brush in water and  get a good amount of green watercolor paint on your brush.  Start at the top of your card and brush lightly back and forth from the top down without reapplying paint. (This creates the ombre look.)
Envelope Liner
What you will need:
 1) Envelope.  I used Paper Source Paper Bag A2 Envelopes.
3) Watercolor Paper
4) Paintbrush
5) Watercolor Paints
6) Scissors
7) Tape Runner
 Using the same Ombre technique as above, paint the watercolor paper with the same green paint from top to bottom.
 Once your paper dries, flip it over and trace out your stencil. *Make sure you start where the paint starts. 
 Use your tape runner to put two lines on the top triangle. 
Put it in the envelope and fold the flap over. 
and all done…
I’m feeling lucky!


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