Easter Egg Decorating Party for Kids & Moms

We love the idea of an Easter egg decorating party for kids and moms, featured on Evite Gatherings!  The best venue for this is right in your own backyard!  Bring out a folding table and a few kids craft tables (we found ours at IKEA), cover the table tops with paper (we used a roll of gift wrap), deck the table with decorating tools and eggs, and get creative! 

Cover the surface of your table with a protective cover, like this roll of wrapping paper.  This makes cleaning up a breeze! Another great tip is to place an egg holder in the center of your table for a place to let eggs dry after they are decorated.  This one is from Williams-Sonoma
At any party or get together, make sure to have a few snacks out for your guests.  For a morning or afternoon occasion, scones and tea sandwiches are quick and easy, and for a healthier option we love baby veggies in terra cotta pots! The res of the table was decorated with potted plants in terra cotta pots from the local nursery.
 Each place setting had little plates to help keep place setting clean while decorating eggs, an egg dipper, bowls of water and liquid adhesive (adhesive was used for gold leaf and glitter eggs), and a paint brush.
 To find out how these eggs where decorated, visit Evite Gatherings!

For outdoor parties we love serving drinks in a drink dispenser.  And a little bubbly is always great to have on hand for a girls get together!

 For the kid’s Easter table, the surface of the table was covered with a paper table runner. Each place setting had a plate to decorate on and a basket full of hardboiled eggs.  Cups of die and flowers made for a pretty and colorful centerpiece, and egg caddies flanked either sides of the table to place completed eggs for drying.

We mustache you a question, did you know that you can use temporary tattoos to decorate Easter eggs?! We love this easy decorating technique!  You can use the tattoos an dyed eggs, or decorate with tattoos sans dye! For more egg dying ideas visit Evite Gatherings!

For little hands we recommend an egg dipper.  We love this cost effective bunny dipper, and the kids will love it too!

Layout some healthy snacks “freshly picked” from the farm, like these baby veggies “potted” in little terra cotta pots.
For a sweet treat, try this adorable Peeps fondue! Simply heat up some hot fudge in a microwave safe bowl, place Peeps on lollipop sticks, and set out sprinkles for dipping!
For more Easter ideas, DIYs, and FREE Easter printables visit Evite Gatherings!
Jen & Jess

Photography by Adrienne Gunde and Styling by Jessica Bailey for Evite Gatherings

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