DIY Distressed Jeans

I was cleaning out my closet and noticed that I may have a few too many pairs of skinny jeans (an impossibility, I know!), so I decided to distress one of them for a different look. 
It was easy, and fun, and here’s how I did it…

What You Will Need:

1) Skinny Jeans
2) Scissors
3) A razor (preferably without any kind of cut guard or moisturizing strip…the cheaper the better.)
Step 1:
 Put on your jeans, and use a pen to mark where you want your holes. (Start with less, you can always go back and add more.)
Step 2:
 Use the pen marks as a guide to cut your jeans.  You can make them as wide, or a skinny as you want.  (Varying the widths it always nice.)
 For a bigger hole, cut a few slits to make pulling the strings out easier.
Step 3:
 Now the fun part! Take your tweezers and pull out the vertical threads.  Yes, patience is the name of the game on this one.  If you try to rip them out, the threads will tear and fray, so slow and steady everyone.  Pulling them out one or two at a time works best.  And once you’re done, it looks like this…
 Then continue until all of your holes are just strings.

Step 4:

 Take your razor, and run it over all the places on your jeans that would naturally wear with time.  I mostly did the pockets.  Don’t forget the back of your jeans!
Then wash, dry, and wear!
Now my jeans are new again!…by making them look old…it’s complicated ;).

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