“Mini Bar”: Kids Ice Cream Party

    In honor of National Ice Cream Month, we put together a kid’s ice cream party!  Cool off on these hot summer nights, and invite friends and family over for a summer white party, complete with an ice cream “Mini Bar” for the kids!  We love mini ice cream bars and thought they would make an adorable “Mini Bar” for a kids ice cream party, so we invited some of our favorite mini people and threw one!
    Our “Mini Bar” featured little gold and white takeout boxes, mini ice cream bars set on a tray of ice, mini marshmallows, salted caramel sauce, vanilla sprinkles, napkins, straws, and mini mason jars filled with milk.
    The kids placed their ice cream bars in small takeout boxes and poured toppings over their bars.

    The kids were able to get toppings with every bite, using their dipping takeout boxes!

    The ice cream went pretty fast! And the mini marshmallows were a close second! 😉

    We paint-dipped wooden spoons with white acrylic paint to add a little special touch and to tie in the party theme!

    Make serving guests a breeze by pre-pouring milk into mini mason jars, and placing them in the fridge the night before the party.  When guests arrive and are getting ready for some sweets, set out the mason jars in a tub or tray of ice, and the kids can serve themselves!

    Thank you to our fabulous photographer, Brooke McDougal of Brooke Aliceon Photography, for capturing the day, and allowing us to feature her adorable daughter and son! And thank you to our wonderful friend Ashley, for letting us borrow her little daughter!
    Life’s short, eat dessert first!
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