“Summer Showers” DIY: Plastic Coated Rain Shoes

It’s been a rainy Summer for some of us, and what do you wear when it’s hot and rainy?  Boots are too much for the Summer heat, and anything else will get soaked.  Soooo, I thought I’d use the same plastic dip I used for the toe dipped Keds (tutorial here), but instead of just dipping a toe in, I’d dip the whole thing and make coated rain shoes!  These will keep your toesies dry, but the rest of you dressed for Summer.  

What you will need:

1) Create your Color “Plasti Dip” – I found mine at Ace Hardware.  It comes with 5 colors and you can mix the color you want.
2) Slip on shoes.  The less elastic the better.  
3) A paint brush…one that you are not attached to, because it will meet it’s maker after this DIY.

Step One:
 Stuff your shoes with paper.  Fill them as tight as you can knowing that the plastic coating will keep whatever form these shoes are in when you paint them.  So make them easy to get into, and tight all the way around.
Step Two:
 Mix the color you want. (I went with blue, so there was no mixing required.)  Use your brush to paint on a thick layer of Plasti Dip.  Try to go in one direction, and not paint back and forth.  Be smooth and even.  Start at the back of the shoe and work your way to the front until you get a good rhythm going.  Let dry for 30 minutes. *TIP: Wear rubber gloves.  This stuff is really hard to get off! 
Step Three:
 Once your 30 minutes is up, paint on a second coat.  Remember to make it a thick coat, and really focus on covering all the edges and seems.  Let dry for 4 hours.
Step Four:
 Decorate! I made little rain drops.  (Learn from my mistakes: I let the white sit for too long and it started to dry, which made it very hard to paint with…so work fast, or keep the dip covered.)
 Then splash around all you like!  Now you can wait out the storm, and be able to walk home cool and dry.
So jump in a puddle…I dare you!

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