End of Summer Party Ideas

Somehow it’s August already.  I don’t know how it happened, and I’m not exactly happy about it, but another Summer is fading with the sun.  So let’s send it out in style!  Here are some of our favorite ideas…

Backyard picnic
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Get some cinder blocks and wood planks and make yourself a long picnic table.  If it’s a larger party you can even have the guests bring different plates and food, so the decor and dining are potluck.  We love the idea of eclectic parties that showcase your friends uniqueness, as well as the party’s.

BYO Kiddy Pool
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We have been wanting to throw a BYO kiddy pool party for a little while now.  The idea of a bunch of grownups having a block party with kiddy pools just makes we smile from ear to ear.

Beach Picnic
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What better way to say good-bye to Summer, than to soak up some sun, and take in the sunset at the beach?  (Picnics are pretty much always a good idea, wherever you are.)

Drive-in Movie Night
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You can say good-bye to Summer with a party just for two if want.  But do something different and creative, that says summer to you.  Drive-in, Camp-out, whatever you wish as long as it’s fun!

Game On! Lawn Games Party

Crochet, bocce ball, water balloon toss, giant twister, corn hole, ladder toss, you name it!  Let the games begin!! 

Ice-cream for more summer!
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Ice cream…always a good idea!  Make your own, and have an ice cream bar, or sundae bar.  There really isn’t a more delicious way to bid a sweet so long to summertime. 

Summer’s not over yet!  Don’t let to leave without a little celebration.

Jen & Jess

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