Grab and go! Individual servings for a more social party! {and food styling tips}

    What’s Food Should Taste Good you ask?  They are one of our favorite new chips! Food Should Taste Good are delicious and made with real, natural, and simple ingredients!  Chips that are good for you?  Go on…  and I will! They have five varieties of Tortilla chips: GuacamoleMultigrainBlue CornSweet Potato (our favorite, but they are ALL delicious!!), and Olive.  Food should taste good chips are perfect for your next event or gathering, from cocktail party to picnic.      

    How many times have you thrown a party and everyone ends up in the kitchen, or by the food table?…all of them?  Because people gravitate to where the food is.  

     A) They are probably hungry.  B) It’s a social place filled with easy ice breakers to meet new people, “that dip is so good!” = instant party friend.  C) It gives people an activity.  But! what if you served the food in easy to carry, cute little cups, or bowls?  Then the party spreads out, and so does the food.  A) They get food, and their own cute little portioning of it.  B) They still have a great ice breaker, “how brilliant is this idea?!  No double dipping, and no waiting in line.  Only [insert your name] would think of something like this!  I love her.”  (This is, of course, what your guests will say verbatim.) C) They still get to eat, they just get to take the food with them.   Win, Win, Win!

     Why stop at one layer? Spoon refried beans into a small glass, then add guacamole, sour cream, and salsa and top it all off with cheese, diced tomatoes, and olives for the perfect seven-layer dip. We paired this dip with multigrain tortilla chips from Food Should Taste Good

    How cute are these individual no-bake nacho bites! Get the recipe at Evite Gatherings!

    Serve salsa in shot glasses, and top your individual servings off with guacamole chips!
    Jess, Evite, and Sugar and Charm helped style this fun shoot, to give you a few ideas of how to make “grab and go” servings for your next party.  See full article here on Evite Gatherings.

Food Styling Tips:
speed: work quickly! The longer the food sits in the plate, the less appetizing it looks
color: always think about the colors in your image. Add a pop of color with an herb or colorful kitchen towel or napkin.
proportions: keep plates and portions small, and use less food then you normally would. Large amounts of food loose proportion on camera and aren’t as photogenic.
texture: use parchment or baking paper to add texture to plates.
natural: allow food to spill over naturally, it will add movement to your image.
dig in: once you have a shot of the food. Take a spoonful or bite out if it, and then take a other shot. A half eaten plate is sometimes more appetizing then the whole plate.

And that’s a wrap!…or a chip!

Jen & Jess
*sponsored by evite, written by us!

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