Labor Day Link LLLove! Celebrate your hard work!

     Well, it’s time to start saying good-bye to Summer and welcome in Fall…Do not “Labor” in vain ;)…do something fun!   
     Since Labor Day is in honor of those who work, it should be a day off in every way imaginable.  What do you love to do?  Hike?  Picnic?  Sail? Get together with your friends?  Do that!

Picnic in the park.
Sail away with good friends.
Celebrate the last day you are technically aloud to wear white with wearing a lot of it.
Find a beautiful hike, and then get lost because you can.
BBQ and bonfire on the beach.

     What’s left on your list that you didn’t do this Summer?  Get out there and do it!  It’s not too late, make this gift of a day off as relaxing or epic as you want!

Jen & Jess

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