DIY: Painted Pumpkins

Sometimes carving is hard…we Wheeler’s would rather paint!  (which is ironic since our Dad’s a surgeon.) We took a mix of fake and real pumpkins, to make this painted pumpkin patch.  Here’s how…

What you will need:
1. Rust-Oleum Black Chalkboard spray paint
2. Rust-Oleum White Flat Protective Enamel Spray Paint
3. Black Oil Based Paint Sharpie – Extra Fine Point
4. White Oil Based Paint Sharpie – Extra Fine Point
5. Latex Gloves
6. Drop cloth
7. Pumpkins
8. Pencil

Step 1:

Spray paint your pumpkins and let them dry for about an hour.
Step 2: 
Sketch what you want on your pumpkin.  *hot tip: we printed ours out on a piece of paper using one of our favorite fonts (bombshell) and then traced over it (pressing firmly) to make a indentation.  Then all you have to do is follow the tracing and you have instant perfect handwriting! 
Step 3:
For the dots we used a circle sponge, and then sprinkled some glitter on them while the paint was wet.
There are a million different ways to celebrate…think outside of the pumpkin 😉
Jen & Jess

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