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This week’s give-back post is nothing but knit.  (That was a very bad basket ball joke, incase you missed it.)  But seriously, we are proud to turn the spotlight onto Krochet Kids Intl.  This non-profit organization works with highly vulnerable women who live in the most poverty stricken regions of the world, and empowers them to not only survive, but thrive.
How?  By providing a job so that women can meet the present needs of their family.  Then educating them, so that they can develop beyond the need for outside aid.  And then providing mentors to help each lady plan a unique and sustainable career path for the future.
The progress they have seen since starting their non-profit: Income of the women working for them has increased 10 times, savings has increased 25 times, their families are 5 times healthier, physical abuse is down 40%, and children are 25 times more likely to attend high school if their mother participates in Krochet Kids program.
They also have a men’s, children’s, bags, apparel, and accessories line…all knit, all adorable.
Every product made, is signed by the woman who made it.  Adding ownership to their product.  
 Thank you Carmen, my beanie is beautiful, and I love it!
Abby Beanie: Krochet Kids

Help give women in extreme poverty a chance to not only survive, but to provide for their families in a sustainable way, and create a life they are proud of.

Jen & Jess

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