How to Travel with Hats!

The Holiday’s mean many things, but one of them is travel.  I have many trips ahead of me, to ring in the yule tide cheer, and I for one plan to bring my hats with me! So I called up my favorite hat maker, Jill Courtemanche of Jill Courtemanche Millinery, who has an amazing shop here in San Diego, and asked her what was the best way to travel with hats.
Option one is to wear it, obviously, but if you don’t want to wear it, or if you are traveling with more than one hat, here’s what she recommends.
Pack the hat upside down in your suitcase and support the brim and inside with soft clothing.  Just remember to keep it towards the top of your suitcase, so it does not end up getting squished by anything heavy when you stand your suitcase up.  Then you can travel brim free, and keep your favorite chapeau in one, un-crunched piece.

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