Our Favorite Winter Drink

The Chip Shot
When I snuggle by the fireplace, I like to have a delicious, warm drink to sip on.  I was introduced to this drink at one of my favorite restaurants in San Diego, Cucina Enoteca, and instantly asked the bartender how you make it.  It has become one of my Holiday staples.  It will make you feel like Christmas.

Baileys Irish Cream
You can use however much you want of each, but I started with a shot of each liquor (if you don’t have a shot glass, it’s roughly a 3 second pour), and the rest coffee, and topped it off with whipped cream, because…why not?  The Tuaca will give it a stronger alcohol taste, so if that’s too much for you, pull back on that and add more coffee.
Get ready to make your winter so much better!
Jen & Jess


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