DIY: Loose Messy Curls with Suave

You guys! It’s our first hair tutorial since I cut off 12 inches off my hair!!! It’s taken me some time to bond with short hair, but I am happy to share what I’ve learned, and so glad suave is here to help me.
What you will need:
4. 1″ wand or curling iron
5. Heat glove…yes I use a heat glove…don’t judge me…safety first
1. With clean, and still damp hair, take a small dot of the Suaze Luxe Style Infusion Souffle Mousse and massage it into the roots on the crown of your head. I have thin hair, and mousse normally makes my hair freak out. This has been the first mousse I’ve found that actually works, but I only use a small amount. A little goes a long way.
2. Next, spray Suave Luxe Style Infusion Weightless Blow Dry Spray…the bottle’s directions say “from roots to ends”…because I have thin hair I sprayed only my ends, leaving just the mousse on the crown. I find that the less product I use at my roots the better it looks, but for those of you blessed with thicker hair, I would stick to the bottle instructions ;). Then blow dry your hair upside down. This trains the hair to go up, thus adding volume.
3/4. If you have a wand, use that, if you don’t, you can turn any curling iron into a wand by wrapping the hair around it (depicted above). Take a section of hair from the top of your head, and wrap it around your curling iron with the root at the handle end, and wrap the end towards the top of the barrel. Hold onto the end for 15 seconds and then pull the curl down the iron and off.  Then stretch the curl out, so that it doesn’t stay in a perfect “Goldilocks curl.”  The beauty about messy curls is that you don’t have to go in order. Mix it up. Grab random sections. Curl in different directions, and don’t curl all of it. I just do the top couple of layers to give it texture.
5. Take a comb and tease the roots, and also tease from the bottom of the hair up, to add volume.
6. Spray Suave Luxe Style Infusion Plump Hold Hairspray,  and for added volume, spray your head while upside down. 
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Try the VOLUME line for hair that feels touchable and is full of body and bounce. Go with frizz-resistant SMOOTH for sleek and shiny hair. Or create defined, weightless and luscious curls with the CURLS line.
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Here are some other hair tutorials you can try:

VOLUME Style Inspiration: Ultimate Body and Bounce
Start with Luxe Style Infusion Weightless Blow Dry Spray on damp hair, from roots to ends.
Using a round brush, blow dry up and away from face.
SECRET TIP: Roll 4-5 large sections of hair down onto scalp and secure with clips.
Complete the look with Luxe Style Infusion Plump Hold Hairspray for extra hold. Lightly brush through for a natural look.
SMOOTH Style Inspiration: Sleek Pony
Apply Luxe Style Infusion Weather Proof Cream to damp hair for a smooth finish. Using a flat brush, blow dry. STYLIST TIP: Blow dry in the direction of where the ponytail will set.
Spray Luxe Style Infusion Anti-Humidity Hairspray for hold. Brush into ponytail, securing elastic.
Take a small pinch of hair from ponytail and wrap around the elastic. Spray more for extra hold.’
CURLS Style Inspiration: Braided top bun
Apply Luxe Style Infusion Soft Touch Curl Mousse on damp hair, then air dry. Make a high ponytail.
Braid the ponytail. Wrap it around the elastic while securing with bobby pins.
Pull out baby hairs for an easy breezy look.
Jen & Jess
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