DIY Pocket Full of Love

     With Valentine’s Day coming up, and my new “office” (side corner of the living room in our new, one bedroom, New York apartment) needing some decor, I set out to make something cute and fun to hang on my wall.
     I found this DIY, that we featured in a roundup a few weeks ago, but wanted to mix it up a little bit.  If you’ve been with us for a while, you remember the series we did on what to do with your old jeans (here here) and because I keep EVERYTHING…yes even when I move across the country…I still had the remnants of my old jeans for just such an occasion.  I decided to cut a pocket off and fill it with some love.
What you will need:
1. A pocket
2. Canvas
3. back paint
4. Ruler
5. Painters tape
6. Scissors
7. Stencles
8. Glitter
9. Paint Brush
10. PVA Glue
11. Gold Pen
Everything we found at Michael’s craft store.
Step 1.
Measure out even lines on your canvas.  My canvas was 13.5″ long, so an inch and a half stripes worked for me.
Step 2.
Use your painter’s tape to partition off your lines.
Step 3.
Paint your stripes! and let dry for about an hour.  (I put mine under a fan to help them set faster.)
Step 4.
When dry, take the tape off and glue down your pocket.  (Make sure you place your hearts and the pocket on the canvas before gluing, so you know you have enough room.)
Step 5.
Stencil your hearts with gold pen or sharpie.  *My favorite gold pen ever is Slicci Metalic Gold.
Step 6.
Take PVA glue and paint the inside of your hearts, one at a time.  Then cover with crushed glass glitter.  *Pour your excess glitter onto a sheet of computer paper, and pour back into the glitter bottle to reuse.  Waste not, want not!
     All done! I thought that the pocket needed a little sparkle as well, and may have had a Coco Chanel moment in crafting…you know her quote, “When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on.”…but when you’re crafting, you’re stuck wearing it ;).  
     I still think it turned out pretty cute though.  Now I have a pocket full of love for anytime I need a little extra.

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