LLLove in Paris

If you follow us on Instagram, you were with us for our trip to London and Paris.  It was incredible.  I really can’t put into words the range of emotions that I felt in my short week abroad.  Walking through history, staring at paintings that I’ve known of forever, looking at them up close and being able to see every brush stroke made by Van Gogh, Monet, and Degas.  Traveling to Pairs the day after the shootings at Charlie Hebdo, and watching a city mourn and come together in a truly beautiful way.  To be awestruck by the size and beauty of the Eiffel Tower and then to look over and see policemen with machine guns guarding it…and us.  It was beautiful, and sad, and scary at times, but mostly a reminder of how people come together to take care of each other, and the things that matter to them.
 I took some love with me on my travels (as I try to do every day) and this day in particular I had my love to keep me warm, and to carry me.  Beyond Beanie is a social clothing company that makes beanies and accessories. Every time you make a purchase, you are supporting the work of a talented artisan in Bolivia who proudly hand-signs her work while helping to provide meals, school supplies and school uniforms to children in need.
One beanie gives back 5 meals for a child in need, one bag gives a set of school supplies, and one poncho gives a school uniform.  It’s a beautiful way to see the tangible difference you are making in a young persons life.  I think it makes their beanies even warmer.
 And I carried love with Angela & Roi where you “donate by color” each color of purse or bag, pairs with a charity and gives back to that cause.  My black purse gives back to the melanoma research foundation.  It’s a creative and refreshing blend of fashion and philanthropy, and that’s my kind of statement piece.
  Beanie: Beyond Beanies // Purse: Angela & Roi

Now stateside again, I already long to go back.  Experiencing different places, cultures, adventures, has to be my favorite thing to do in this world.  Never stop learning, never stop loving.
Jen & Jess


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