Snow Day

This week we prepared for Juno to hit.  A huge blizzard that was headed right for us and forecasted 3 feet of snow overnight.  The little beach girl inside of me loved this idea.  I watched from my window and chronicled the snow fall, sending pictures and video to my friends and family back in San Diego.  
I ran up to our rooftop and danced in the snowfall.  I ran errands just to be out in it.  It was new.  It was exciting.  It was cold.  I giggled to myself the whole time, thinking, “I can’t believe I live here.” 
What was an inconvenience for most, was magic for me.  A clean, new blanket to cover the city, and even though Juno didn’t leave us the feet of snow it had promised, it left just enough to see the city differently the next day.  To change the picture and the landscape to white tipped trees and frosted covered parks. 
I know that this novelty will soon fade, and I will become used to, and maybe even frustrated by the snow, but for now I am grateful for the storm.  Because it brought pause.  We all waited, and even though the storm never really came (here in New York anyway) we all took time to prepare, to watch, to shut ourselves in and just be.  The city shut down.  There were no distractions. Trains stopped, busniess closed, and we were still.  In one of the busiest cities in the world.  We were still. 
I am grateful for the blizzard, for the pause, for the magic…and I will try my best to hang onto those feelings as winter continues.  And maybe, once in a while, if it isn’t already forced upon me, take a snow day, and put everything on pause again. 
My feeble attempt to not look like a walking sleeping bag all winter, is aided by my Beyond Beanie poncho, that also donates a school uniform to a child in need. 
Poncho: Beyond Beanie // Vest: J.Crew // Skinny Jeans: Articles of Society // Boots: UGG  // White Long Sleeve Shirt (my favorite): Crown Jewel // Hat: from a little side shop in Paris.  
No matter where you live, take a snow day.
Jen & Jess

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