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I can not think of a better first “styled love” post of 2015, than to feature my friend Ansley, and her giveback blog Braided Bliss.  I have been a fan of hers on instagram since she started, due to her beautiful outlook on life.  When I first met her, I just couldn’t stop smiling.  This little surfer girl is nothing but sunshine, and the brands that she features speak to my heart on every level.  
When she launched the first product of her own giveback line this year, I knew it’s message belonged on our blog.
Bliss means: supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment.  Who doesn’t need bliss spread around just a little more freely?  
Her “Spread Bliss” tee also giveback.  $1 from every shirt goes to an amazing company called Rewrite Beautiful.  
Rewrite Beautiful works to redefine beauty for young girls. They teach girls to embrace their natural talents and creativity in order to create a positive impact on society rather than negatively focusing on their bodies.
I have known far too many beautiful women who spent too long in the shadows because they convinced themselves they didn’t deserve to step forward into the light.  Step! Step into it, and spread the light all the more. 
“Spreading bliss is more than an action. It’s a way of life. It’s about embracing the strength of the smallest act of kindness and knowing that it can make a large impact. It’s about loving freely and radically.”
” It’s about knowing that you have the power, anywhere and anytime, to create a beautiful ripple effect in the world and can brighten even the darkest of days. Leave a trail of light wherever you go.” -Ansley 
“Spread Bliss” Tee: Braided Bliss // Pancho: BCBG (sold out) // Jeans: J Brand // Green Paper Bead Bracelet: 31 Bits // Necklace: Stella & Dot (and it’s reversible, and you can wear each layer separately) // Ring: Free People  (sold out)
Let’s all spread a little more bliss this year.

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