DIY: Anthropologie Inspired 4 Strand Braid Knit Headband

Incase you didn’t know…it gets cold in New York!  I have been looking for an ear warmer/ headband for a few weeks, and the more I looked, the more I thought…I can just make one.  So, out came the yarn and this became the perfect snowy day craft.
Here is my Anthropologie inspiration.  I looked up a few tutorials, but they all involved really complex knitting patterns.  I do love knitting, but once you get past knit/purl, you’ve lost me.  Sooo, I just knit 4 separate strands and braided them!
What you will need:
1) A thicker yarn.  I got mine at Michaels.
2) My knitting needles are 13.5 ” long, and about size 10-11 (they are my grandmothers old needles, so there’s no size on them.)
3) Darning needle and thread (that matches the color of your yarn).
Step 1:
I knit 4 thin strips, about 2 feet long (filling the whole needle when casting on) and 5 rows wide (cast on, knit 4, cast off).
If you don’t know how to knit, or need a refesher, use this video.  It’s long, but good.  I wanted to make my own, but just didn’t have the time

Step 2:
Once the strips were knit, I sewed them all together at the top with a darning needle.  If the 4 strands didn’t end up the same lengths, put your two longest ones on the outside, and the shorter ones on the inside, and sew them together overlapping a little bit, so that the headband isn’t too thick.

Step 3:
Braid the 4 strands.  If you don’t know how to 4 strand braid, watch this video.  Again, good, but long.  Fast forward, there is a long intro. 
Step 4:
Use your darning needle again to sew the two ends together in the back.  I had two strands that were very long (I’m not quite sure how that happened), so I made a little bow with them in the back.
All done! Stay warm out there!

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