Spring Cleaning Idea:

      Apparently it’s Spring! I’ll believe it when it stops snowing in New York, but cold or not, Spring means a rebirth, and a cleaning out!  So I looked for some new uses for old things I had around the house, and this seemed like a fun little idea…

What you will need:

1) Wooden Pants Hangers (If you don’t have them lying around the house, you can order them on Amazon)
2) Acrylic paint (or I thought about using PVA to glue fabric on them) We got ours from Michaels.
3) Paint brushed
4) Ruler

Step 1:

 Paint the wooden part of your hanger the base color.

Step 2:

 Use a ruler to help you evenly space your letters, and draw out your word in pencil first.

Step 3:

Trace your pencil lines with your top color.

Let dry, and hang!  Super easy and a fun way to upcycle.

The beautiful prints I hung above are from Lindsay Letters!

Jen & Jess

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