DIY Mother’s Day necklace

 What you will need:
1) Letters Stamp Set – Michaels
2) Necklace Chain – Michaels
3) Metal Plate Charms – Michaels
4) Hammer – Michaels
5) Sharpie
6) Rubbing Alcohol
7) One circle loop, or wire to hold the charms on the necklace

Step 1:

 Take the letter you want, and line it up carefully on the charm.  I didn’t use a block, but if you don’t have a hard surface to hammer on, you should get one. When you hammer, make sure to hold the letter steady while hammering on every corner.  It’s hard to get all of the letter imprinted.  Much like when you are using stamps on paper, you have to make sure weight hits each point. 

Step 2:

 If you want the letter to show up a little bit better, go over it with Sharpie and let it sit a 5-10 minutes, and then gently wipe it off with rubbing alcohol.

Step 3:

 Then loop the charms on a circle and put them on your necklace.  
All done, and ready for Mom.
Jen & Jess

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