Welcome Spring!

For those of us who have made it through a cold winter, there is nothing quite like the sun coming out on the other side.  I almost started crying when I saw the flowers popping up around central park.  So, here are some fun ways to welcome in Spring time!
Rent a bike (if you don’t already own one), and go for a bike ride!  Here is New York they have Citi Bikes that you can pick up from any of their locations and you can rent for the day, week, or year.  Find a boardwalk, park, beach, or neighborhood to explore, pack a picnic and see where the day takes you.
Get out on the water.  I love the water.  Any chance I get to be on a boat (sailing, wale watching, paddle boating, canoeing, you name it) I take it.  If you live near water, there is a rental place near you.  Since the season is just starting up, there may even be a discount you can find.  
Go strawberry picking.  Strawberry fields and flower fields will start popping up and you should make the time to go and visit them.  Strawberry fields are great because it’s a fun activity for the whole family, and you leave with pounds of delicious strawberries that you can go home and bake with. 
Go hiking!  You might think you know the area around you, but this year, push yourself out of your comfort zone and find new places to explore.  Just go online and find a new trail, or mountain.  See what else is out there, and take time to soak it in.  Stop and write, or take photos, or just be.  
Picnics are one of my very favorite things.  I’ve already started picnicking in Central Park.  It’s the cheapest way to have a beautiful brunch with friends, and you can stay all day and not feel bad for your waiter.  Bring a kite, or volleyball and waist the day away enjoying the sunshine.
Happy Spring!
Jen & Jess
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