Humanity Unified, DEAP in Love, and #30ways30days

Hi Guys!  We hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend.  We had a little fun ourselves, at the New York Public Library with Humanity Unified for DEAP in love’s #30ways30days campaign.  Here’s what we did…
The Challenge:

#30Ways30Days: 30 Ways, 30 People, 30 Days to spread awareness starting May 18th through June 18th. Each day will represent a new awesome person/organization and their way to spread love for the day. The 30 day challenge will be contingent on everyone completing their tasks. Our goal is to spread love in all corners of the world and raise $35,000 for suicide, depression, mental illness, and homelessness prevention.  (We were honored to be featured Sunday, May 24th!)  Visit to donate and get involved!

Who started the challenge:
 DEAP in Love: DEAP in Love is an organization dedicated to offering support and hope to teens and adults struggling with depression, self-injury, and suicide. Their goal is to direct them to the support they need in order to make the necessary transformation in their lives. They offer a 24/7 online chat room with a certified suicide intervention coach. There is also an in-person support group available for those living in the Los Angeles area free of charge as well as a virtual support group.  DEAP stands for  “Dream Endlessly Actively Pursue.”
Challenge Accepted!:
Here’s how we spread love: Humanity Unified is a Giveback brand that helps empower vulnerable women and children in developing nations to rise above poverty through education, economic development and food security programs. 
They have a bookmark campaign (#HUluv) to help “pay empowerment forward.” The book marks read:
 “You are strong”  
“You are awesome”  
“You are loved”
  We thought it would be fun to pass out/leave these bookmarks around a library.  What better place for bookmarks, and as good a place as any for a little extra love and encouragement.
 Visit to find out more.
Check out the #30ways30days on instagram, and find a way to spread love in your community.
Jen & Jess


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