Bleeding Heart

The term “bleeding heart” usually has a negative connotation. It means you care too much, and dangerously so. Though I agree, and know from first hand experience that you can be so overcome with caring for one thing that you lose sight of the big picture, I would challenge us all to bleed just a little bit more. 
I know that when I get busy and overwhelmed I get irritable and impatient. My grace for those around me dwindles (especially on a hot subway) and I start to think only of myself and my to-do list, and not about the people, lives, stories that are all around me. 
And I don’t want to forget them. They are our humanity. Patience and grace are muscles that we have to work, along with faith. The most important exercise of any day, and you can’t just work it for an hour and then go eat a donut, you have to exercise it constantly. 
Bleed love. I don’t mean in a way that makes you depressed and miserable. I mean in a way that keeps you aware of love. When you bleed, you feel. Tap into your heart. Feel it. Even if it hurts a little. When you are aware of your heart then you can access a great depth of grace, mercy, and empathy. 
So be a bleeding heart.  Never be too busy to love. 
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Keep bleeding love.

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Jen & Jess


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