DIY Father’s Day Cards with Card maker Melissa Rose

Father’s Day is this Sunday! So we asked our friend (and amazing card maker) Melissa Rose to come over and do a card making DIY with us! Check out her Etsy shop HoneyBee Rose, and order a Father’s Day card, or card for any occasion (she even does custom orders). 
Father’s Day Card DIY:
What you will need:

1) 6.5 x 5 Card- You can find these at any craft store, such as Michaels or Paper Source.
2) Plain matting paper- also found at any craft or paper store
3) Decorative paper- Any of the above, or a scrap booking store would also be a great place to find unique paper.
4) Stamps- You can use any stamp you want that fits your theme, or order a custom stamp. We’ve ordered custom stamps from
5) Pigment Ink- Pigment ink comes in many different colors, so you can use an ink color, sparkle powder, use a clear ink and a colored powder, but make sure it’s pigment ink because regular ink will dry too fast, and the powder won’t stick. You can find pigment ink at Michaels and Paper Source.
6) Embossing Powder- Like the ink, embossing powder comes in all sorts of fun colors, so find the one that works for you, but make sure it’s embossing powder and not just glitter or it won’t melt. You can find embossing powder at Michaels and Paper Source.
7) Heat Tool- The embosser’s the fun part, you can find them at Michaels and Paper Source.
8) Washi tape- also found at Michaels and Paper Source.
Step 1: Matting
Choose a plain paper for this. You don’t want anything that will compete with your decorative paper. Cut the mat out .25 smaller than your card. Since our card was 6.5 x 5, we made the mat 6.25 x 4.75.
Step 2: Decorative Mat 
Do the same process with your decorative paper, but this time make it .25 smaller than your matting paper. (5.75 x 4.25 for us.)
Step 3: Embossing
Take the stamp you want to use and put out a piece of paper to catch the excess powder. Stamp your stamp on the pigment ink pad, making sure to cover the whole stamp very well, and then stamp your paper.  *Tip: don’t shake your stamp back and forth, it can make the image blurry, instead push down on the stamp in one firm press.
Cover your pigment ink with embossing powder. Make sure to cover the whole image. Don’t worry about using too much powder, it is easy to dump the excess powder back in the jar when you are done.
Dump the extra powder on the piece of paper you put out. Really shake it well, and I even flick the back of it, and even use a Q-tip to wipe off powder that is harder to get to.
Take your heat tool and hold it about an inch away from the stamp at a 45 degree angle. Keep it in place until you see the powder starting to melt, and then move it slowly around the image until the whole thing is melted. *Tip: make sure to keep the heat tool moving around the image.  If you leave it in one place for too long it can burn the paper.
Step 4: Mounting
Once the stamp is dry, glue it to the center of your plain matting.
Then glue that to the center of the card.
Step 5: Washi Tape
Take your washi tape and make a line towards the bottom of your card. (If you don’t have washi tape, a strip of paper will get you the same look.)
Then make a second stripe in another color tape.
Step 6: Adding a personal touch
Use the same embossing technique above to add a few stamps that explain your Dad; favorite hobbies, food, sports, anything.
Then cut them out…
and glue them on.
All Done!! So cute and easy, and Dad will love it!!
Huge thanks to Melissa Rose, of Honeybee Rose, for stopping by to share her amazing talents with us!!  Here’s a little more about her story:
The name “Honeybee Rose” came from her real name Melissa Rose.  Melissa means honeybee, and since her father is a beekeeper it seemed fitting.  Card making found her in a way.  It all started back in high school when she wanted to make all of her girlfriends, in a relationship or not, feel special on Valentine’s Day.  This grew into a yearly tradition and every year the cards got more elaborate, and what started out as an attempt to make the women in her life feel loved and important, turned into a self tutorial in card making.  Now she shares that love with all of us. 
Melissa has so many other cute cards you should see! Be sure to check out her Etsy page here, or email her at for any custom orders. 
You should buzz on over 😉
Jen & Jess & Melissa!


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