DIY Fringe Sandals

I have been seeing fringe sandals all over the place, and so I thought I’d make a pair!  I found a cute fabric store in town and they had just what I needed to embellish a pair of flat strap sandals I found at Payless Shoes!
 What you will need:
1) Horizontal strap sandals.  (I found these that worked great! But I was planning on using a thick ribbon as an anchor for the fringe if I found sandals that only had one strap along the front.)
2) 3 yards of leather fringe
3) Hot Glue gun
4) Scissors
5) Needle and thread
Step 1:

These are the sandals before I added fringe. I took the fringe and started on the strap closest to my toes.  I found a width that looked centered.  The key is to find something between muppet and mohawk. 😉
My bottom layer was 15 strands wide, and I used a hot glue gun to place it.  Yes, I glued the fringe while wearing the sandals so that I could make sure it was centered, and that the elastic was stretched the way it would be when they are one.  Be careful! I put the glue on the back side of the fringe and then adhered it to the sandal.
Then I cut one strand less for each following layer.  This gives a tapered look to the sandal.
Step 2:
 Now that your foot looks like Cousin IT, it’s time to give it a hair cut!  Yes, I also did this with the sandal on.  I wanted to make sure the fringe was cut in relation to my toes, and not the sandal’s strap.  
It’s nice to have an extra hand at this point, so that someone can hold the top layers up while you cut the layers below.
Cut the first layer long enough to show the fringe, but not so long that they cover your toes.
For the following layers, a technique that worked well for me was: hold the next layer between your middle and pointer fingers (like you’re cutting hair) and hold them up; place the scissors at the level and length you want to make your next  cut, and then bring the layer you are holding down until your fingers are just past the scissors; then bring the scissors around and cut!
Step 3:
Go back in and stitch the corners of each layer.  Hot glue is great for tacking things down, but it will melt if you are out in the sun all day, so this is an important step if you want your fringe to last.
All done! Go put your best foot forward!
Jen & Jess

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